The Authentic Testo

Testo The Authentic

(feat. Inspectah Deck)

Uh-huh, Ruthless

Eh yo, my fam's desperate
When it get real, we let the tech spit
We like AIDS for those who think they can't catch this
We manifested this rap shit, we could go beyond this rap shit
Let the gat spit, buck that hatchet
You fake rap was malpractice, let me get at this
and show you where the fuck you lack is
These Bastards is like Cassius Clay with the gun play
It's like drivin your car down a one-way
You bound to get hit, my style is legit'
Nigga, wildin ain't shit, cuz I can do that and do this
But I analyze, niggaz chit chat, I plan to rise
Yo, my fam is live, livin this life, we still fantasize
about the better life and all that real cheddar
cuz we forever trife, that shit'll make me feel better
I be Infrared, niggaz keep y'all guns in y'all holsters
I'm out for the bread, so I make lead jump out the toaster
I keep my people closer, closer than you'll ever get
Niggaz is delicate, bomb like a gun, you never spit

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
We the authentic, far from counterfeit
Bound to hit, me and my Shaolin click
Son they talk shit, but they forever forfeit
Bangin with the Blaquesmiths, kid, we want fish

[Sha Gotti]
Eh yo, we blow hydro, hit hoes and tag toes
Fo'-fo's put holes in Parasucos
I used to hustle on the block, holdin crack in my asshole
Now I do shows, sip the Crist', forget the Moe's
Watch my back, for Colombo's and Donnie Brasco's
Droppin tops on convertibles, lyrically murder you
Who are you? I never heard of you, verbally servin you
I analyze 'em then I size 'em up, where's the rope? Tie 'em up
Gag his mouth, shut him up, Ruthless Bastards don't give a fuck
I run up in your mansion, hold your family for ransom
when I'm twisted off Branson, too thugged out for dancin
You'll niggaz askin for Sha to jump in a stolen Maxima
I drive by clappin ya, pay attention when I'm after ya

"Hip-hop is writin and rhymin, a way of life.
To hold the mic in your hand and crush everything
in front of you, that's hip-hop."

Caught in collisions, niggaz cut you 'cisions with razors
Little league niggaz bleed from fuckin with the majors
This wild life's contagious, in guns we trust
And if they're aimin at my team then ain't no more to discuss
I charge to bust, goons from my platoon to bang
Shook them thangs and watch shots come back like boomerangs
Orangutangs swingin through this concrete jungle
Slangin them thangs, bummy with grimy niggaz in the struggle
Either we love you or hate you, half the shit y'all can't relate to
Like niggaz actin like you feel just to snake you
Scientific breakthrough, your flow's infested with cyanide
When I die screamin "Fuck the world!", I lease 'em high
Beast from SI, fuck with my peeps from I, increase the crime
When I release the nine, tryin to teach the blind to shine


[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, yo, yo, ill greed general, war platoon steez
On the battlefield stripes get stripped off your sleeves
They bleed like we bleed, I fiend for the cheese
Just like you, in order to feed my seeds
No remorse, so I'm forced to bring forth the flames
No game, engrave out my name into your brain
The nobel, Sir I, rap mogul
Move global on you locals, blow em when I've come through
Hundred deep, nuff heat stashed in the Jeep
On the creap, like broken floodin the streets
Yo, this is for my niggaz who post on live corners
The brawlers who keep they hands on the nine Taurus
Straight out the woods, hit the hoods like a taskforce
Mass force, pullin the sting, take the cash off


[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
Son they talk shit but they forever forfeit
Bangin with the Blaquesmiths kid we want fish