Lay U Down Testo

Testo Lay U Down

This is brand new, you know
It's a new format
It's what I call a club ballad
It's fast but it's slow
Slow but it's fast
It's kinda like
How it feels when you meet somebody for the first time and
Everything seems like it's goin' in slow motion
But your heart, your heart's goin' a mile a minute
This is what you might tell her
'Cause you know what you wanna do
So you ask her

Oh suga
Can I lay U down (down)
I can't control the beat of my heart
Can U hear the sound (now)
This is no ordinary feeling
I've got tonite
So I'm askin
Oh suga
Can I lay U down

[VERSE 1:]
I waited all night for this moment
Can't hold back, can't control it
Lookin' in your eyes I see
What U wanna do with me
U threw me off track when U walked in
Minutes after that we was talking
Didn't even know your name
Wondered if U felt the same...

...Way I was feelin
A strange kind of feelin
Like I knew U, what did U do
To make me feel this way?
Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but
U look like U could be someone
I could love in harmony
Please don't make it hard for me


[VERSE 2:]
Now I'm caught up in the feelin
'Cause you're lookin' so good, so appealin'
Better than my eyes can see
Girl, I realize that we
Got the same wavelength of thinking
U was playing shy, I was winkin
Though I didn't know your name
Wondered if U felt the same...


'Cause I can't let U go, no
If I let U leave, then we'll never know, oh
Girl, we need some private time, yeah
So you can understand
Get to know the plans that's on my mind