Ready (To Love U) Testo

Testo Ready (To Love U)

[VERSE 1:]
Baby girl, this could be the start of something real
Somethin' in the way U make me feel
Got me thinkin' bout U all the time, baby
And I know, know U might have heard this all before
But I'ma do my best this time to show
I'd give U the world if U were mine, baby

And it really doesn't matter
How many times I've told U
U know you've got my heart girl
It's time for me to show U
I know that U deserve it
Just look how long you've waited
So I'ma make it worth it
For you to be my lady
'Cause I'm ready to love U

Girl, I'm ready
And whatever U wanna do, we can do 'cause I'm ready
I know I'm ready
I'll give U what you've waited for, girl and more, 'cause I'm ready
Girl, I'm ready
I know you've been hurt before but
I'm ready
U ain't gotta hurt no more
I know I'm ready
For the commitment that U need from me
I'm ready to love you

[VERSE 2:]
I see the hesitation in your eyes
I see the way that you've been hurt by lies
But I ain't go no reason girl to lie to U, no
I'm try'na come as real as I can be
'Cause you're the only one that counts to me
The only one that makes me feel this way, this way



There's nothin' that I wouldn't do for U
Hey U deserve it when I love U down
You're the sweetest thing I've found
Girl there's nothin like when U smile at me
That's why there's nothin' that I'd rather do
Girl I'm ready to love U