Not Many - The Remix! Testo

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Testo Not Many - The Remix!

Pito Saute Aukilagi, It ain't good
It ain't good cause you'll get jumped in my hood
Pito Saute Aukilagi, It ain't good
It ain't good cause you'll get jumped in my hood, AH!
It's the remix, Yeah, uh, yeah, c'mon ... ah Savage

I'm hearing you still talking that shit but none of your actions are speaking to me
I'm talking it, walking it, my stomping style will stop your movement
Hold up who's this ? Still leaving you with cuts and bruises
So cut the bullshit before I rock your face with a pool stick
Dirty, Dawnraid and Frontline, P-Money, Scribe, Savage and Con Psy
Everybody is felling that shit, I'm out your speakers like Ill Semantics
On stage for the crowd reaction, everyone just bounce your asses
Keep it moving, Uh-huh, New Zealand music
South Auckland raise your arms
Let me see you throw it up
And I will always represent my crew, Decep-Deceptikonz, what!

[Chorus] - Scribe
How many dudes you know roll like this ?
How many dudes you know flow like this ?
Not many, if any
Not many, if any
How many dudes you know got the skills to go and ROCK a show like this ?
Uh-uh, uh-uh, I don't know anybody

[Con Psy]
You know who this is, act right
It's the kid coming up that's flow is untapped
Wrote enough drafts, know enough raps, off the head skill that'll crush cats
But it's hard to spit withought coming off arrogant
And y'all insist on dropping comparisons
And y'all who sit, mouths running and chattering
Get off my dick, your so fucking embarrassing
Y'all don't want no part of this, upon this ish
I serve the ill like a pharmacist, I'm on to this
I've been broke like promises
So if you get me started kid you're gonna see the consequence
And y'all, don't want that
'Cos I stay on, Gimme your words to play on
And I'ma make your writtens look thick like you lost your pen and wrote it in crayon
But yo, y'all should play the back like scenery
I'm dope, the writings on the wall like graffiti
So, y'all can't even hold your own
You get a manicure if your going toe to toe
Suppose you know, that I treat tracks like kicks, 'cos I'm clean when I lace mine
I break minds, if I put a watch in a bum bag, that's the only scene where I waste time
Let's go

[Chorus] {Scribe & Con Psy} - 2X

Congratulations, you made it. Welcome to the reeeee-miiiiix!

Scribe's here so give it up
I never put the mic down when I pick it up
I rip it up so dope this year, everybody want a hit of us
But y'all need to breathe because you're hiccing up
We refuse to leave, you can't get rid of us
Yo, they think I'm on drugs because I come in the club
And I be dancing by myself like I don't give a fuck, what what ?
Scribe on the mic I write and elegant flow
Even drop adagio for the lyrically slow
Not hypothetically, physically letting you know
I got my rhyme packed tight and we're ready tog o
Made some mistakes in the past, that was yesterday
Today I'm on my way to a better way
Forever bringing together what you separate
So wether, you like it or not I'ma elevate
You know this rhyme is taking time to celebrate
Relax and take a breath y'all
I'm here to stay, and not going away
And can I get a "Yes y'all ?", "Yes-yes y'all!"

There's ... check it out
No ... check it out
One ... check it out (Ain't no one like me)
Like me

[Chorus] Scribe - 2X

[Outro] Savage
Check it out ... check it out
Can you please give it up for Savage
It's all good, thank you
It's all good when you come to my hood
Can you please give it up for Savage
It's all good, yeah
Thank you
Very Much
Peace ... Holy shit!