Stand Up Testo

Testo Stand Up

Yeah, It's The Crusader
Now I don't think you're ready
I though I told y'all

We can not stop now
New Zealand hip hop stand the fuck up
We got it locked down
I'm ready to rock, ready to roll
I am ready to go
Y'all ready to flow
Just let me know y'all

And I'ma be there to blow like C4
Got plans to take over Japan like the
And like P-Money told me, at the top it's hella lonely
I rock like Blindspott 'WHAT THE FUCK' you don't know me
I keep going, I keep growing, I keep flowing
I keep showing MC's how to raise the bar
I'm still rhyming, I'm still writing, I'm still fighting
And we can't turn back now because we came so far

[Chorus] - X2

I'm like Nesian Mystik, you dissed it and now you love it
New Zealand hip hop, there's not many things I hold above it
Now this is the time to focus, call up the Footsouljahs
Deceptikonz, Hamofied, yeah we taking over
Tell 4 Corners that we ain't holding back any longer
The Time Bandits and Wanderers now we getting stronger
Down since day one like Sir-vere, Ali and Shan
Yo it's real hip hop so you wouldn't understand why

[Chorus] - 2X

We hit the big time, we're making big noise
We're making big moves, playing with the big boys
Told you in Big Things, we're staying motivated
We're 'bout to take New Zealand hip hop and renovate it
I grab the mic and do it, like there was nothing to it
Been through some bullshit but now I can see through it
I'm ready to rock, ready to roll
I am ready to go, what you don't know ?
You can't hear it in my flow ? C'mon

[Chorus] - 2X