Remember Testo

Testo Remember

[Verse 1: Sean Price]
[Sean scrapping]
Five finger marks on your face when the God slapped him
Pancake niggas get put in a log cabin
Uncle Ben turn to Uncle Tom when the God rapping
P! I'm the flavor you're not bitch
I knock you out in front of your neighborhood watch clique
Talking they bout that life
Get cut. Nigga, Big Ruck is about that knife
Rappin' is love, better off trafficking drugs
Slap with this slug, fucking with an african thug
P! When I was 12 I killed a lion
That's ill but on the real you should chill with the lyin'
Making up stuff, the stuff I make up is so tough
Don't believe it but believe the nigga fucking you up
Sean Price - Big Ruck I am half of the Helter
Fly drug dealer: Traffic that on the Delta. P!

Remember me
I remember
Remember me

[Verse 2: Sean Price]
Sean do it
Drug dealer leading in the Beam on the conduit
Thugs on the scene, F-beam when the God shoot it
Left from the team, still screaming 'cause Sean stupid
Stop that, Buck said shoot 'em best believe he got shot at
I'm just following orders. Molly Ringwald I am following daughters
Kidnapping the bitch, big dick slapping the bitch
In the face, if they raped [?], put a cap in the bitch


[Verse 3: Freddie Gibbs]
Gangsta Gibbs, uh
Fuck this rap I need enough weight to get the RICO
So shout to East New York - Dominican H, yo that's my people
My niggas switched up the hustle, they moving amphetamines in Reno
A zero to a motherfucking kilo
It's 43 for a eagle
I guess them birds is red now
So niggas is shipping that cali kush, we putting that in the air now
And bitch I been spitting for years, but all of a sudden these niggas care now
This dope will get you a life sentence, you might as well get the chair now
Fry 'em like a plate of Harold's - extra sauce. Drop the zip; you're extra lost
Jumping back to 29's and 30's - we get them extra soft
Take a look in the paper and see what a early grave in my section costs
5 finger discount - vital organs ripped out
Turned Dons to donors, big cohones, bitch I'm tripped out
This money up under my mattress, I'm loving the strap, and I pull my bitch out
Did every flow for sure 'cause I'm really showing you what this shit 'bout
It's O's, quarters, halves and some hoes up in this hizzouse
For real