The Hardest Nigga Out Testo

Testo The Hardest Nigga Out

[Sean Price:]
P! Ha ha ha
Uhh... yeah, P beat up the beat bastard
Beats from my heat and sleep deep in your green pasture
Mean rapper - fuck is you lookin at?!
Fuck a autograph nigga, Ruck is a crooked cat
Uhh, look at that - who you think them pants from?
Uhh, look at that - who you get that dance from?
Psh, I don't dance for niggaz
I take trips for the shit and advance on niggaz
This is anti-bitch boy, whack niggaz fall back
This is the verse that niggaz could never call whack
The illest nigga in Nebraska, I'm Method Man
Clown nigga, yellow leather, weapon fam
... and I smoke a lot too
Come from black church with polka dots troop
Ha ha - y'all get it later
P Body the great but it get greater
Fuck with me!

Yo, listen
Uhh, slap when the sket blow
Bum-ass nigga, no snaps on the petrol
I'm a Mastercard pa you just a Metro
Straight train fare, I'm not believin your chain here
Coke blow, nose blow nigga to reindeer
On my grind, sometimes I be rockin... I be rockin...
Steady your home, big sket weapon is chrome
No slot, "6 Minutes" Doug E. Fresh on the phone
Listen, death be quick, gat be nimble
You strapped but you whack as you sat with'cha back to the window
I'm child gun fat rap gat to your temple
Stay in your lane lame plain and simple (yes)
I dedicate this to the eighty-fivers
Wholeheartedly hand stage divin Mercedes drives
Whoo, I will pop you black
The big hand you science you writin is that Yacub rap
See you in hell!