Let's Stay In Bed Testo

Testo Let's Stay In Bed

Around this seedy
Edge of town
There's a broken bar
Where no one goes too far
I saw her standing
There from the corner
I could feel
That lonesome stare
Bartender make that two
I withered my way thru
This busted sight
Walked right up to her
And said tonight
I'm gonna love you up
I handed her the cup
I think she knew
She said
I guess you'll do

Such a lonely night dear
So why be alone
We can drink all night here
And then go back home
Start this party
On the front lawn

We'll stay in bed
Until the morning's gone
And let this linger on a bit
How many times
Can I make you come
All the way

So grab yourself
A big handful and hold on
I won't stop
Till the work gets done

Time went by
We boozed it up
All night
And she was
Looking out of sight
I swear I'd fell in love
And she was saying shit
That made my blush
Oh the things I'll do

We went out to the street
Hailed a cab
And poured ourselves
Into the back
My buzz was going strong
She shed every hindrance
And her thong
Oh, let's make a move


Oh, she's such
A gorgeous thing
She tastes like wine
And she shakes like a leaf
I had her screaming
You're the king
Again, again and again
So here she is spread out
Before me like a flower
But I don't know her name