Own Private World Testo

Testo Own Private World

Like a wild eyed dog
In the alley
That nobody's feedin'
I've been making deals
With the devil
Ever since i was born
I've been runin scared
From a world
That i just don't
Believe in
And i know
There must be something
That i'm looking for

I could be all right
If you could be my friend
We'll get out of this town
And find ourselves
A country house and
I could paint the fence
And you could
Scrub the floor
Doesn't make much sense
But we could live
In our own private world
Our own private world

It's another sad
Saturday night
Here at the
Social club meeting
There's captain ron
And his cronies
Hanging out by the door
Well if jesus christ
Came to this place
Do you think
He'd believe it
I'd say hey man
Don't you think
We're needing
Something more


We're needing
Something with meaning
Something to wash
These pills down slow
Something with feeling
To take us away
Some kind of laughter
Some kind of happily
Ever after these long days
Long days ok