Above Testo

Testo Above

Open the book of our lives
Read our souls travel through our minds
Give us the wings of a raven
And show us how to reach your heights

Open our hearts with your key
And watch how we will reveal our anger
Give us your hand and take us from this world
Open your clouds show who you are
Give us a sign!
Will our truth be a lie?
Take us to your dimensions!
Let us soar on your spaces above

Oh thy mighty demons in the sky
We feel you show us who you are
Can you hear our cries, can I see thy mighty demons now
Where are you my makers?
I'll heed your call if you show me who you are

Show us the worst inner fears
What is breeding in me?
Lead us on the path of fate
Remove the bars that chain us to this world

What have we done?
To be created into this inferno
Raise us to your level
To the towers of beyond
To the castle divine