The Warrior Poet Testo

Testo The Warrior Poet

We live in chains we live to die
We are possessed, we can't decide
What's in our hands?
Our ancient lands are being watched by traitor's eyes

Our lives are written in the chapter number one
But the book is sealed, the pages are falling apart
But the truth will be spread by the legend

Your heart is free, have the courage
To follow it into your dreams and beyond
Unite the clans and Tartans, the land
Be our leader, be free

Just lead us now towards their fall
Defeat the crown, the king of all
Don't lose your heart, just follow your Tartans
And your soul will take us

... On the way to life, we're marching
On towards the edge of all strength
We, the sons, the fathers, we've won
Our lives, our souls, our hearts are marching on