Dreamland Testo

Testo Dreamland

Yeah, uh
Used to a dreamer
Now I'm just a schemer
Zone out
Zone out
Stoned out

I really miss grandma, she baked the best cakes
Uncle God schooled me on rap, he had the fresh tapes
First date broke my heart, I was just eight
Old God told me from start, "Never trust snakes"
I had the flat-top fade, Smoke had the most waves
Cuz pops died in the tub, that was the dope fade
That cocaine had us thinkin’ we could be all paid
We all seen, done things, I won't say no names
To whom it may concern, remain anonymous
The first dollar I earned was some dishonest shit
I was way too young to even know better
Made mad friends and my friend lonely as 'Lo sweater
Jyeah, my right hand man had name brand kicks
My shits? Thom McAn
Blow a kiss from my Aunt Janette to Barbara Ann
To advance, feed fam’, and get rich, the Father's plan

Remember teeskeet from Lexington with the three-piece suits?
Before any Timberland, I wore army boots, uh
My brother David was a drill sergeant
So those fatigues was part of my life, for real, private
I had a cousin named Fitzgerald from Tennessee
His father, my Uncle Edwin, influenced me
You know my daddy was a drummer but his daddy was a runner
He was puttin' up his numbers
Peace to Bay Mayo, R-I-P to Matteo
Love my nigga Maino, I.G., and Aito
Salute my Harlem connect
My nigga Billy, mob style, respect
Ayo, police might try and corner you
Don't take 7th ave, take 8th avenue
I'm glad to see all that I did
I say that to say, "You gotta love the life you live"

God bless Nana and her son Beau and Uncle Ary
Any drug found in the house, dawg, I'm sorry
I always was a knucklehead, sellin' jums, running with duffel-heads
Who always wanted bread, yup, some are dead
'Member Pumas and lottos, staircase rhymes
McDonalds, the hood cartels, me and my Pablos
Wash somethin’, you frontin’?
Now we here it come, movin' like them spranglers with thirty-eights
Pull-out, we owe you one
Go, son, the roof was the batcave
A black slave, now I’m just addicted to rap
Holdin' the MAC, crazy it's us, the dust boys
Who would ever think we touch toys?
Strictly just robbin' niggas and fuck choices
Aunt Priscilla and Lo, damn, I miss y’all
As a dumb youngin' so glad I never dissed y'all
But I was taught respect
The melders'll throw your ass in check
Make the wrong move and get wet, BLAOW!

Yuh, uh
Used to a dreamer
Now I'm just a schemer
Used to a breadm
Now I'm just a scheme