Testify Testo

Testo Testify

This beat the first time I ever testify
The homie looked me in my eye, told me he heard Smif-N-Wessun died
That statement takes us to a new zone
Fool what'chu on? Thinkin' what would the write up on our tombstone?
Would they protect God's legacy or reject it?
End of the day respect just a matter of perspective
We break bread with the apes
Sat with the best of them and repped for the clique like Sean Price resurrected
I'm back up in ya (In ya)
Playtime's over, nigga (It's over, nigga)
Vacation had to end now it's back to business (Let's get back to it)
We back up on our shit
It's Smif-N-Wessun
Bet'chu jump back on our dicks
They said take 'em back to the shinin' (Nooo)
But they don't know the shape that my mind's in (Nooo)
The game's different and my man's gone (R-I-P)
Get any song I put a verse on

Jyeah, we been monuments 'cross the continents
My continents give me conscious through our accomplishments, save all your compliments
We ain't lookin' for accolades, act your age
Jealously be the reason that ratchets sprayed (Huh)
With no law there's no order (Naw)
Game takeover, fourth quarter (Oww)
Put it on her shoulder like a holster (Huh)
Family ties, Cosa Nostra (Cosa Nostra)
Been makin' black tunes with black moon (Black moon)
Sister hook parties in the backrooms (Backrooms)
Used to be low life and deep sets (Deep sets)
Now it's just lower Blood and Crip sets (Crip sets)