Integrity Testo

Testo Integrity

When did the news become entertainment?
You pick and choose which side you want to hear to justify your opinion.
These people have no right to be on the TV screen.
We've traded paper for plastic faced actors
who are paid spin headlines, and keep us ignorant.
An argument over everything, and look at the shape we're in.
The headline reads "Good luck my friends" and then shuts down the printers.
All this talk of change, there's no god damn way
when they manipulate and tell you it's true.
It has nothing to do with the facts at hand or truth of the matter, but it's true.
And we have nothing to say while the blame is passed back and forth over and over, it's all true.

You need to see who benefits from the media scheme.
Big business and politicians need to control what you're thinking.
"Just keep people divided, just keep them all divided,
and we can own everything.
Try to keep a straight face."
So content to live in your ignorance,
while they manipulate and tell you it's true.