Cannibal Café Testo

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Testo Cannibal Café

funny I'm not familiar with this taste
Are these ribs or is this steak?
Well I'd sure like to know what the hell this is I'm chewing
I said holy fuck! it's another human!

Come with me, I'm on my way
To the cannibal café
Won't you come to the only place
Where you can be the special of the day?
There I was choking this thing back
When I realized that it was someone's hand
Only way that I could possibly tell
Careless chef did not remove the fingernails

Come with me, I'm on my way
To the Cannibal Café..
The food ain't bad and the food ain't good
Don't dare order the "leper's foot"
I recommend the "ass of a farmer's wife"
Very tender, not too juicy, heavy on the cellulite