I've Made A Huge Mistake Testo

Testo I've Made A Huge Mistake

This time you've crossed the line...
I know what you said, the conscience you fled.
Claims of taking the world as you rot in your bed.
Those you've hurt know your lack of worth.
The selfishness you've had since birth.
The constant lies, the times that I've tried
To be your friend don't mean shit in your eyes.
Your faults constantly on display,
Will lead to your downfall one day.
But we will say...
This is the last time that I'll let you fall back on me.
I don't want to be made up as something I'll never be.
The ground you walk on, support that keeps you standing up.
I'll be the one staring down when you can't get yourself out.

It's time you knew your place...
Waited three years just to see your face.
You always conceal what you think is real,
But you can't look away from how we feel.
A liar, a cheat, you're no goddamn friend.
I just can't wait for this all to end.
Your faults always on display,
will lead to your downfall one day.

And I can't believe that I ever paid you a favor.
When I knew that you would do absolutely nothing to save her.
And I hope someone else has the good grace to let you in.
Cause I'll never let that happen to me again, hell no.
You should have known that this would come back to haunt you,
Even when all of your fictions once seemed true.
A liar, a cheat, and never a friend.
We were always just your means to an end.