Sleep Mask Testo

Testo Sleep Mask

You're beginning to test my patience.
I shouldn't take this from such an acquaintance.
Why can't you ever get to the point?
Or just spit out what were trying to say.
You talk so much, but say so little.
Always late, always fickle.
Why can't you ever get to the point?
It's not as if we cared.

As of late, you seem to walk a fine line
Between those who matter and those of your kind.
Always one to let the last word slip,
You're a disease and I can't get over it.

Why won't you listen
To a god damn word I have to say?
When we just discussed this the other day.
Now why won't you listen?
Acting so disrespectfully
Never came as a surprise to me.

So much commotion but lack of action.
Never satisfied, no attraction.
Don't know what it'll take to let you know
That you were always meant to be alone.
Motivation is not your forte.
It never has, and it never will be.
Why can't you ever get to the point?
It's not as if I cared in the first place.
Oh, this is the way I feel without you.
Overjoyed, I undervalued how much appreciation really means to me.
I'm finally free, I'll live my life alone and I'll love every minute that you give me.

We were never one in the same,
Not cut from the same cloth.
I took my path and you took yours.
My help never seemed to be enough.

So this is why they call you cold,
The qualities you oversold,
The way you never let me fall asleep.
I hate the way you look at me,
The stories that you'd always say.
We've grown apart and things will never change.