Tarts Testo

Testo Tarts

I plucked her young from the silly scene, gave her enough lies to live
Now her daddy's made he owns a shop in Hayes, but he can't dream for
the both of us

I'm just a short term boyfriend,
But I'd do you I'd do you again

I said "Let's tour the streets on fire"
So we rode a caravan to Yarmouth
Stole at sea air, acted debonair
In the ram jam the bingo the bandstand

Her old man said that she'd been had,
We're a 'Jezebel and Cocktail Charlie'
Now she mops the floors of blue movie stores just to keep us on the
Richmond Lights

We both knew it would come to this:
A flippant kiss down the arcade
Now i'm taking you home for your college ball, be happy be happy be