Dead By Dawn Testo

Testo Dead By Dawn

Just one lie
They get up and multiply
There's freedom in her eyes
The kinda that makes you hide inside your closet

Whats inside
I'm afraid to drink the wine
There's poison on her mind
I dream of someone else with one eye open
I found a doorway and I crept into the night
At the bottom of the mountain I found you

I'm almost sure that we can make it
If you just hold on tight, I'll try not to let go
And if you see the suns not rising
We can drink the poison now and we will slip away together
Dead by dawn

Now I see
Theres a better part of me
Theres something she cant bleed
I take apart the pieces of the puzzle
And I scream
For the safety of a dream
For the sun that shines on me
And the comfort of the pain that she inspired

You believe your safe from me
You need to breathe inside of me