Guns And Cigarettes Testo

Testo Guns And Cigarettes

They left him there alone
To play all by himself
He found some guns and cigarettes
They kept up the on the shelf
The gun is for the flame
The smoke is just the start
The blood is for the empathy
That runs out of his heart

Someone tell him what to do
You can't stop us
You can't stop us
You can't stop us

I'm not afraid to die
I'm afraid of the government
I'm not afraid to love
I'm afraid that I will forget
If God made the world
Than I don't need a roman man
to tell me how I should confess
Its kind of like the death of a heroine dream
Burn the world and set the ashes free

They hit him with their fists
They kicked him in his face
She hangs her head in shame of him
They boy is a disgrace
He's social like a rock
He's quiet like a fire
His tongue will shake a thousand walls
And burn them with desire