Corner Of Blues And Jubilee Testo

Testo Corner Of Blues And Jubilee

Blues street winds its way among these buildings
blending with the cars and the concrete
I can see my people
as they hang outside their windows
staring down on this tragedy
they can see my ticket perched inside my pocket
as I go down
blues street

so I duck my face inside my jacket
hiding from the eyes that are peering at me
peeling away all the barriers
to my conscience
making me feel remorse
for the fact that I left you
a flee in a hurry
now I must wear the people's scorn
as I go down
blues street

for my baby said I want to talk of our future
and the prospects of our own family
you can earn more money in a factory
than you can ever earn
from your dreams
and so now
the clouds have been called in
and I wonder
wandering down
blues street