Spears Of Eternity - The Great Cycle Testo

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Testo Spears Of Eternity - The Great Cycle

Overlooking the fall towards the abyss
Wondering in which breath I choose to fall
Reaching my end?
When the mandrake speaks its last words I will
seize to breathe in the same way as before
The blood opening other pathways and feeds me
with talking to the spirit, silences the body
I wanted to keep my soul
I wouldn't give it away to anyone
in this night of insanity
I speak with excessively used words and metaphors
Nature stopped visibly breathing
And we became the voice of the birds when being
infected by the same disease
Floods of cockroaches from the sky
Behold their graves grieved upon
Bringing ours to the cycle we despise
The cycle we wish to exit
Insanity breathes and lives through the spears
piercing through us
We all just keep on existing
In eternity