Relentless Testo

Testo Relentless

The ending of the day
brings the calm that you've been waiting for
You can't wait to close your eyes,
fall into the black and disappear.

Me I've always found it hard
switching off my head
and tuning out the noise.

If there's a better way
I'm all ears tell me now
If I could turn back the days and the years
I'd do it now (that's my vow).

Relentless time (got to find a way to face it)
Relentless time.

Days whether good or bad
chase the months away
Peeling off the calendar
And us, all that we can do is
dig down into the night best we can.

I saw my love today
she's looking old but so am I
I wonder if she could say how long it's been
since that smile (quite a while).

The king sat upon his throne waved his hand at the sea
Time made a fool of him and everything he tried to be (same with me).