She's Slipping Away Testo

Testo She's Slipping Away

There's a girl outside my door,
Dirty face I think I've seen before,
Cries she wants to keep her man,
But this love'll kill her if he thinks he can...

She's slipping away now,
She's keeping her head down,
She's spinning the world round,
She's outta sight nowwww.
She's had enough but she wants more,
Tries to catch her breathe outside my door,
Feels she never will be found,
But the cold wind blowing brings her round...

I said you've got to be strong
Now she doesn't stand a chance,
This Lovers entwined she can't fight the fire,
That's burning way down in her soul.

She's slipping away now...
She's keeping her head down...
She's spinning the world round
She's outta sight nowwwwwww.