Breathe Testo

Testo Breathe

We don't have to hide this away, just call me up, I'd know what to say.
We don't have to save this for another day, just tell me what you want me to say.
Now that I'm breathing again, I inhale your heart, inhale your scent.
Now that I'm seeing again, I see what you mean, I see what you meant.
You are the best secret kept, they heard the news, got up and left.
Break down the door, break down the fence and make the best of what's left.
That's why I wrote this song, so take this world and help me roll it over.
We play this game for keeps so don't turn around.
We say what ever we want and please whoever we please, we'll be the rules that broke rules.
We'll be the bees that sting bees.
Can we get in the next game where the boys and girls play?
Are you giving it all you got cause I want you to stay.
Don't be upset I got your kiss right here.
Baby don't you know that we've got everything going?
So don't you got and turn around.
We'll beat the rumors and spies and all the lies that tell lies,
you've got whatever you want, you got some beautiful eyes