No Emergency Testo

Testo No Emergency

She's a perfect little princess
and everyone agrees
so they're dropping their defenses
dropping to their knees
everyone's in love with her
she's redefining "cool"
but she'd sell you in a heartbeat
so don't be fooled

chorus :
don't you know that she's alright?
this is no emergency
she's alright
she's alright
this is no emergency
she's alright

she's sifting through her summer clothes
and the boys will think she's fine
but she can laugh back in their faces
for thinking she's that kind
she never gave permission
she's stamping her little feet
and she's asking for recognition
from everyone she meets


she's daddy's little angel
and everyone should know
to get out of her way
when she's putting on a show
but I'm standing in your spotlight
breaking all your laws
stealing all you one-lines
receiving your applause