Setting Suns Testo

Testo Setting Suns

I've walked seven hours since the break of dawn
looks like I ended up here on your front lawn
maybe I was lonely, maybe I was blue
maybe I couldn't sleep til I talked to you
spent the day thinking about what it all means
new cars credit cars, movies and magazines
nothing is lasting, we'll leave it behind
doesn't matter what's yours or what is mine
but maybe there's some truth to these lines
chorus - setting suns and morning showers
they don't last all day
everyone, like every flower
soon will pass away

even this guitar that I hold in my hand
was once in the trees, the earth, the sand
and when it goes back there, back from where it came
it will still have life, but a different name
and maybe for you and me it's the same


bridge - winter is cold
but the sun is knocking on the door
the young, they get old
and the rich will soon be poor

see, i had a friend who let me down
blowing everybody else's money all over town
forgiving your debtors
forgiving their debts
it's like forgiving yourself for your regrets
it's like forgiving the sun each time it sets