Day Dangerous Testo

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Testo Day Dangerous

You day her out through a winter of owe...
so you can stay your ground in the littles of woe.

when one releases themselves
to defending their portion of spotlight,
How will he know what must be planned around...
and what must be slaughtered outright.
Stripped cured and worn in order to protect you,
from its likeness or opposite fate,
Such are the toils of the skull space
and its no place to ache.

Your sooooo....
Dangerous day dangerous
And soo...
You flay R M pro quo
(Translation: you flay ARM for what)

Have you ever felt led into the black,
Have you ever fed entire men to a path...

obsession and fetish are an ending man's king,
and then again mark
the difference in you living out a self,
and a self b eing lived in.
This is the soft lip of NothingMuch in men.
as over choice they bend...
as choosing chisels character from the dark,
from the island goner mind and it's ancient arch-ape heart...
your soooo....
Dangerous day dangerous
And so...
You flay R M pro quo

(your feeling fure in the teeth that you dream with
and couldn't fear wider if they movie screened it.)

Your sooooo...
Dangerous day dangerous
And so....
You flay R M pro quo