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Testo Wanted Found

And you wait in your window,
for FOUND to come find you...

And you had thoughts that went black
across the space beween facts,
you knew not,
clear into the lap
of the...
cancel eye of the map
maker's stare...

Oneday oldage : Onday might
Oneday oldage : Onday you might...
divine world map from blank page.
to score something so beyond your living cell's scope,
with nothing but pushed hope
perspective and inks.
And in the witching seconds of think
before map's made from scratch, it's heir bringer
twitches busily on the end of a pen...
it's shape's then, is scrawled certainly across what's blank once

hope it -dread it-quote it-edit-
read it-wroted it-sow it-dead it-
and in sung song cement it

quite light-like
in the cradle of the cancel eye...

and you are...
only skull side once
and you'll find..
you wait
and you walk
and you ache and you ought
and you wake and you walk
and you wait...

and you wait by your window,
for FOUND to find you...

...this is serious as setting bone setting as serious is this...