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Testo Fuck 3-6

T-rock Intro: what's up playas? The name of this shit is fuck 3-6. Them bitch made motherfuckas on too much playahation. Character number one is DJ small arms, chucky lookin ass bitch made nigga. And the character two is the gay rastler, Juicy j the fruit ball gay.

When I say fuck, say 3-6
Fuck 3-6 (Fuck 3-6)
When I say fuck, say 3-6
Fuck 3-6 (Fuck 3-6)
When I say fuck, say 3-6
Fuck 3-6 (Fuck 3-6)
When I say fuck, say 3-6
Fuck 3-6 (Fuck 3-6)

Verse 1
Pass the mac i'm bout to blast the gat
You come up toss corpse
Where your ratches at?
Strapped with all arms
I had to leave because me ceo had cerebal palsy
Plus a small arm when i bomb
Now its the time when your buddies fall
Hang up your crown
And put your fake arm back on that chucky doll
Just cuz y'all look a like don't give you the privlige
To go inside torture and steal the arm off a midget
For your homeboy the gay rassler
You over age bastard
Juicy you gay now you fuckin wit a k blaster
Straight bastards some real hoes
Put that pistol in his mouth
While he sleepin, he thought it was a dildo
Open your eyes and see the barrel of the milimeter
6 hundred and 66 ways for me to kill a skeezer
I'm sick and quick to split a nigga for figga's
While you sniffin paul ass
I was screwin Melissa Nigga!


Verse 2
You bussin nuts over rats and I ain't feelin dat
Now you makin every nigga in your click
Adapt da style of Project Pat
I can't compromise my originalities
You niggaz old school
Fat punks preachin calories
I'm on a money mission gettin bread
Chucky Juicy gay it's plain to see
A real life image chickenhead
Juicy you a snitch
When I shoot you be shooken
You're a crack head virgin of the vampire in brooklyn
You lost ten rappers in less then 5 years
You and Paul double queers
Revenge for me peers
This for Skinny and Blac
Indo and Mack when I Scan ya
?? is wiping your click off like cancer
(Bitch!) I wonder who'll shot you quicker
Me or Koopsta Knicca
All you playas got props for what you do them niggaz
The child murderous shovlin ditches
and Playa Fly was the money
Of you snitches triple bitches


Verse 3
They got a light skinned nigga with brains
Took him to shows said he was T-Rock
Had him on stage kickin my flows
Should have known you snitches were fake
To get the tapes La Chat betraying Gangsta Boo at showns in '98
Your ?? for being ruthless people
And DJ Paul got hepatitus
For gettin to many tatoos with dirty needles
Bet you regret gettin the 6 on your back
The anti-chirst of the industry with a sign on his crack
And the al kapone type nigga mack pimpin
Said he only date white bitches he scared of black women
No he flipped the script cuz now he fruitty
he don't fuck women no more he fuck that nigga Juicy Shit don't ammuse me
Sippin Paul gin and drankin houston
Melissa blowed my dick inside the bentley when we crusin
And that's the price you pay when your fucking with the wrong nigga
The crooked cops got my back
They huggin chrome triggers
it's on niggaz

T-Rock talking about DJ Paul and Juicy J till the outro