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Testo Voltron

[Chorus x2]
We makin' swoll funds, we carry swoll guns
And when they get to poppin' bitch I bet you sure run
We get this bitch off the chain until the job's done
Makin' this shit come together like it was voltron

[Verse 1]
Gats and gigantic paper stacks is what I'm seein'
Grew up with kingpins, homicidal human beings
My name as hot as the sun in the solar system
Rappers screamin' my name and prayin' for me to dis 'em
This is astronomical to me your whole cast is comical
Singular shot will put an end to your chronicle
Sippin' Bud Ice, thugs strife in the wicked city
The shit is pretty colder than the tip of a witches titty
The soul eraser, mozzarella taker make hella paper
Battle in storms and forever I prevail a playa
Pullin' humongus cables, bomb undertakers
From infared lasers my enemies fall like Niagara
Pullin' vapors from brown Vega's, pimpin infinite
Bitches be scandalous ain't no time for being sensitive
Treacherous crimes using berettas and nines
Show I'm a vet when I grind, fully ahead of my time nigga

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
We on a havocal rollercoaster and hoes have no balance
They goin' platinum and sellin' without a morsel of talent
But this is underground only real shit will tolerated
Nursery school lyrics will get you incinerated
I'm tighter than dick in a virgin when penetrated
Rhymes triple X rated, too real to be appreciated
Faded in the town for sho', another day and that's another quarter pound to smoke
The underboss leavin' niggaz feet a restin'
Witness the walkin' lethal weapon
Dodgin' evil blessings, Caressin' on my Smith and Wesson
Keeping God first, but daily I see trouble starters
Dealin' with merciless cut-throats and double crossers
My fame slip, that's when I saw the game flip
Gettin' head from a dame's lips on a plane trip
And when I come home I still pack the same clip
Rollin' with the same set of homies on the main strip

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Step in the ring with a rider and we can batlle like Trojans
Cuz it's whatever I can't wait until the shackles are broken
To make more digits than mathematics flip like an acrobatic
With million dollar status bigger than the galactic atlas
Battle scars tatted on my soul and flesh
Ballistic tactics plottin' layin' my foes to rest
Through the pain and adversity I got killas to nourish me
In my game to gain to be complex with diversity
Niggaz wanna murder me and I don't think it's possible
You're fuckin' with a monstrous figure who is unstoppable
The general who waged the war
Demons collapsed after I stabbed 'em with a blazin' sword
Strapped with the lion's courage and knowledge, wisdom, truth, and religion
Overtaken by humility to keep my position
Through my life I had a lawless history
And I always maintain it with a flawless victory
We call it voltron

[Chorus x2]