Gold Drac Testo

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Testo Gold Drac

Yeah, say, uh
Uh, come on, lil' bitch, look, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah
Ayy, ayy, say

All gold Drac', blow off his whole face
Nigga know that we been puttin' shit down since like '08
Cold case, I'm on go like a stolo with no brakes
Big four-four with no safety, thuggin' 'til they take me
Ride around, straight heat, no AC
Just got 'em back, made 'em pay, that's a late fee
In all black on all eight, we on they street
F&N, HK, bring gangster shit in HD
Rockin' this Glock like this the new designer fashion
Them them boys, they hit the pawn shop and had all kind of ratchets
Play with mine, bitch, you can cancel Christmas, I'ma promise that one
Chopper bullets hoppin' out and flyin' all kinda rapid
Luwhop not a rapper, poetic activist to be exact
We can't take it backwards, nigga knowin' that we did that
And I'm spittin' factions, been knowin' where your kids at
Put the gun to your bitch lacefront, push her wig back
No scared business, up this bitch, tryna leave his head missing
Told your big homie I salute him 'cause he fed niggas
But in the same sense, he's a bitch 'cause he bred bitches
Claim to be yeah niggas, kill that pussy and I go pay a visit
To the gravesite, your homeboy new addresses
Gangster and pussy, them niggas be transvestes
Claim he want war, but he sendin' me fan message
But I'm tryna overkill him, Whop don't no half steppin', nah
In the river where we threw the last weapon
Brooda ass deaf, hit him with that MAC-11
I don't do no blackmailing, I don't do no back pedaling
He ain't clap never, all that nigga's straps celibate
And I got that 40, tryna fuck it up
Up in the party, all my niggas jumpin' like this shit was double dutch
I bet a nigga ain't gon' fuck with us
Bet a nigga, bet a nigga ain't gon' fuck with us, fuck with us
Two guns on me, bitch, I double clutch
Ain't goin' on no mission, movin' slow, so nigga, fuck that double cup
We got one nigga out they clique, we tryna double up
I catch him cruising with his bitch and I'ma bust him up
Like bitch, come here, you ain't even from here
All this fuckin' heat like we done brought the fucking sun here
How you turn pussy to a gangster just in one year?
Don't make 'em go for you, then go shoot to California
I got beaucoup hammers on me while I'm chilling by myself at home
'Bout gun smoke, got spiders off Dunn Road, that's my second home, uh
So bitch, boot up, shoot up everything that's in front of us
Every nigga run up on that gang, we gon' punish
Like huh? I thought a nigga said somethin'
All we know is head bustin', trigger finger lead button, fire, fire
We got the opps scared of us, yeah
They got a drop, but they ain't never yeah nothin', nah, nah
We got the opps scared of us, yeah
They got a drop, but they ain't never yeah nothin'
Bitch, boot up, shoot up everything, nigga
Like bitch, boot up, shoot up everything, yeah
Bitch, boot up, shoot up everything
And we'll boot up, shoot up everything, yeah, bitch

Ooh, they like, "That bitch Whop out his top," you heard me?
Got the Glock with the cock on that bitch, you know I been, yeah
Fuck wrong with you, boy? Nigga, put your shit on this bitch
Lu shit, yeah, hah, retarded