Poetic Web (Vibin) Testo

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Testo Poetic Web (Vibin)

Warn all lil' kids at home not try this shit
That's one reason that alone that I'm opposite
From all these motherfuckin' clones tryna copy shit
You cannot come around where I roam you get shot and shit
They want you be there all alone with no pot to piss
Made me think everybody wrong 'cause of my accomplishments
All my opps anonymous, ain't with that name dropping shit
Bought that shit is obvious [?] squad shit
Roll with three keys on that tim when I was young
But we didn't know about the bricks 'til the end of the trip 'cause we was pawns
Hella love with busting triggers we started with BB guns
Showing love to all my niggas we out here we got who we come from
'Cause all we ever had was our block and the rocks that we slung
And the junkies that took care of us and yell when the people come

Fuck 12, first number I was taught to hate
Your daddy go to jail and that cycle gon' be hard to break
These niggas gon' tell knew that shit before First 48
One of my lil' dawgs caught a case already took my heart away
That shit crazy
I been on them Addys, focused all the way, stacking them
All the time taking drugs to keep me up while I be paper chasin'
And my bag will sell rolling whole lot of exotic flavors
Running up that second, bring it home because I'm obligated
Not friendly, no conversation unless you 'bout to pay me
Can I live my man too deep free the project baby

Hope I'm in they nightmares when they sleep on me
How the hell I'm gon' get stepped on, bet no bitch won't put their feet on me
Still riding around neck three like 50 rounds on me
I had to add a large amount, my people countin' on me
Real niggas countin' on me (Don't let us down, low)
Am changed up like all these other rapper we got our eye on you
'Cause you the best poetic activist around low
So keep your fire on you don't let no nigga down on you
Been royal purple baby they should crown you
Back then they used to clown you, money long is a clown shoe
Tell that hoe to toot that ass up just let me pound you
After that I put that ass out right where I found you
Blew that boy's brain, broad day, the whole town knew
Called out your boulevard on [?] and we surround you
[?] put silence on this [?] now it's sound proof
I just took a plane to the blade to get them pounds through