Manhunt Testo

Testo Manhunt

This is the beginning of your tragic ending,
if I could find the words I'd tear them from my throat.
I've fallen for this steel,
I'm starving for your last prayers.
Drop into the drywash and disappear.
Bring me names, I'll bring you blood.
From now on I'm a raging killer.
I'll be dancing on your grave.
Rest assured my friend,
dust is what you'll soon be made of.
It's cold in this canyon,
but if you're up here I will find you.
My blood will fight forever,
ride with me now or never,
I'll take anyone who can pull a trigger.
In the past I've never finished anything I started,
but I won't stop until God himself takes me away from this.
You're the definition of betrayal.
I have no life to live, no lover and no friend.
I have no heart to give, it's worth nothing in the end.
Nothing's stopping me, I'm not slowing down,
I'm riding harder now, nothing's holding me back.