Dreams & Nightmares Testo

Testo Dreams & Nightmares

I know this supposed to be dumber than other niggas’ beats, you know what I’m talkin bout? But this right here was a request so, Chris Green, this one for you my nigga. Short Dawg, what’s happenin?
Feel me

Dear Lord if you can hear this
I just need you to lift up my spirits
I know I’m supposed to be fearless but right now I’m afraid
I’m good with expressin my pain but that shit don’t get me paid
I done laid down with lions, I’m swimming with the sharks
Steady fallin down, tryna find my way round
But it’s dark, it’s light at the end of the tunnel but I’m stuck right here in park
I’m like Dolly Walberg 5, I’m just tryna make my mark, nigga
Don’t know who told you this was easy
Treatin hip-hop like a lady when she just sleezy
Truly I used to love er, but fuck er she just a slut
Now some good girl gone bad, they told me give it up
(So give it up nigga)
So now I’m feelin like she gone for good
Long nights in the north, shootin dice up on the hood
Now that broken down ass Caddy parked at my granny house
Rest in peace Miss Mary, up in heave just hear me out
I know our last days together was kinda rocky
But if you lookin down from the clouds then I know you got me
Weight of the world on my shoulders and when I lift inspired me
You scare me but if nobody carry me they can’t drop me
Man, I do songs about my mama
I been 100 since I crip out that vagina
On the coast I’m your honor, yall used to the finer things in life
We get beans and rice and paper plates from China
So tell me where all the real niggas go
My city all in my video but they don’t hear me though
We ain’t made a dime, we ain’t made a dime
I be damned if it ain’t my motherfuckin time, bitch nigga

Hold up, wait a sec
Yall ain’t gon respect it?
We really started from the bottom
Got hit like yall wanna neglect
If shit get hectic, as yall got pussy niggas out here actin
And interacting with gangsters
Is hungry, I’m tired of snacking
This rappin is just a code ‘cause jackin niggas for dope
How we made them dollars hangin on tile right off a poke
Kick them doors in with that rope, kick yo nose in ‘cause we broke
Tie yo bitches up to you
And I bet them hoes suck til they choke
What them drugs do to that brain?
Molly, codeine and cocaine
It’s that Molotov and you top it off for some weedy niggas insane
I done seen it all go down
All on different sides of my town
Cutting school to chill with my rounds
Scared as hell ain’t what we feel
Yall don’t remember me
Yall don’t remember me
6 Dominica, Lil B, they all kin to me
They know it’s rest in peace
We down here tryna live
Really was so negative and so hard to stay positive
Yall got me fucked up, we shoot guns and hit targets
Meat market, chop haters up who start shit
I’m with that GPT, tell them hoes I say cut the check
Fore we sprayin, try me nigga, you think I’m playin
Hold up

Meek Millie wuddup?
Rose, let me hold some