Homesick Testo

Testo Homesick

I think I’m starting to feel it
What they call it? Homesick.
I’ve been going too long and home is my own bitch
You jump back on it and put my chest out,
Bank account don’t reflect it, but I’m respected as the best out,
No ask take your ass out, in ass I progress out
I’m drinking and thinking of different ways to take my stress out,
There will be blood, I ain’t to strike all like Daniel,
I see my future in plain view.
How much more do I got to prove I’m about it?
We guess niggers they just get their money and count it.
Me, I got to keep a reverse in the pocket, no purse,
All time, no rehearsing and oh, yeah, no cursing.
God damn, who invented these unwritten rules?
Pinky fouls who was never spitting hidden jewels
But me, I drop milestones with a smile on.
Abusing boys, shit in pedophile zone,
A calzone in the movie don’t make you my tie
And if it did, you niggers more like mile wives
They rob guys for years out in this rap game,
Even good and only be given the stripes, mate.
But niggers know I ain’t with that, man,
I shoot seven right at your snake guys like it’s a crab game.
Shot out my nigger big cap, man
And if you don’t know who that is, you can shut your fucking strat name.
Nigger, this is hip hop, your shit light way
Find that in the gift shop and back in the store.
I’m from where they put your back to the floor,
Kids run around holding hands and they acting like thor
Down side when the racism ain’t a new thing,
Running to the claim, man, me and Wu-Tang
And I’m sorry if I od-eed, but for real, some times around
I got to be as blunt as row weed.

I feel like I’m the fucking greatest, the latest nigger was something that’s new
Most of these niggers think that rap it’s just something to do
Most of you bitches saying nigger ain’t nothing to you,
Until they own a TV and then they see you, it’s something to screw.
All of this shit is by designing, it’s something that’s true,
My paint crushing every color, I’m fucking with blue.
You fucking with who? That’s ridiculous,
Like every nigger with a hoodie looking conspicuous.
These niggers’ tricking us, watching their own videos
Riding these cars and pretty hoes,
You’re flying private, ain’t that a storm?
Being on the same plane with me, begging to use the laboratory.
I’m laughing, nigger, your play is a joke.
Isn’t just playing with fire, you’re playing with smoke.
That mean, even when the flames die, you get soaked
Imma still kill niggers, I see they get choked, motherfucker.
Get it, get it, nigger, I got to get it, get it
I don’t know about you, but I got to get it, get it,
Nigger, I got to get it, get it.
I know as much it’s true, got to get it, get it,
Nigger, I got to get it, get it.
I don’t know about you, but I got to get it, get it
Nigger, I got to get it, get it.