Age Like Wine Testo

Testo Age Like Wine

Old timer, Old timer
It's oo late to die young now
Old timer, five and dimer
Trying to find a way to age like wine somehow

my new stuff is nothing like my old stuff was
and either one is much when compared to a show
which will not be as good as another one you saw...
so hell me, i know, i
know, i know

I am an old timer, old timer
it's too late to die young now
old timer, five and dimer
trying to find a way to age like wine somehow

I meant every fool that ever signed
their name up on these walls in the backs of these beer halls and concert halls.
I been threw seven managers,
five labels, a thousand picks and patch cables,
three bands, a band, a bunch of guitar stands,
and cans, and cans, and cans of beer, a bottles of boozes and bags of pot,
and a thousand other things that I forgot.

I thought that I be dead by now... but I'm not.