Sunshine Testo

Testo Sunshine

Standing on out on the
Edge of the building
Watching the traffic below
Drinking a beer and thinking of jumping
Not far from ready to go

Below me the crowd
Slowing gathers around
Cops cars with news cameras too
I just can't get out of this pain I'm in
And I don't know what else to do

Sometimes i feel like
I'm so uninvited
Like something so out of touch
They tell me depression
Runs in the family
Well, that doesn't help me much

The crowds yelling "jump"
Over a cop on a bullhorn
Making them harder to hear
He's saying something about
Having so much to live for
I'm almost threw with my beer


Squinting my eyes to
See through the sunlight
The crows even bigger now
There's no point in wondering
What afterlife's like
It don't matter anyhow
We're already in hell
As far as I can tell
Just listen to these people scream
This feels like a rally
In a high school field house
I feel like the captain of the team

Well, here goes the captain of the team...

Follow the light to the Garden of Eden
You stand at the pearly gates
Saint Peter comes over
His hand on my shoulder
He's telling me I got away
He says, "You know you can't kill yourself
And still get in here kid. But you look like
A victim of circumstance
So I'm just gonna break every bone in your
Body and give you another chance”

Waking up slowly
Looking around me, alone in a recovery room
But closing my eyes
I can see the new sunrise
Over acres of flowers in bloom
I don't know when it will be
But the next time you see me
I'll be tapping to a whole new beat
Walking souls in to the holes of my shoes
Down the sunny side of the street