7th Day Testo

Testo 7th Day

I was religious as a little boy
Couple of poems to God that I wrote
Didn't eat a apple 'til I was ten
And I wished I was on Noah's boat
Really thought that Moses would like me
I bet he would be laughin' at my jokes
I cared about havin' belief
Until they shoved it down my throat
I hated religious school
I hated learnin' that shit
Only thing that really stuck with me, and sticks with me, is this
God created the world
He put so much work until he got it
But on that 7th day
He did what the fuck he wanted

Amen, great prayer
Thank God, he ain't here
I told her I'mma be famous, take care
She said I hope you go far and stay there

I was cut out for this ever since daycare
Stealin' the legos and chokin' the teddy bear
I think I know why they call us the red eye, I'm getting red eyes
Black clothes, white skin, blue bills, grey hair
It sound like the life, sound like my life
What is it worth can you count up the price
Will it get me a closet that's full like it just ate a pound of the swine
Every hour we dine and got me a lady and wow, she a dime
She loved to drink, but she now love the wine
I'm busy the whole day, then I come home late
She yellin' "who" like the owl at night
Who are you with? Who is it for?
Who are you now and who were you before?
Who made you king? Who was the source?
I am not guilty 'till proven at court
I know I am not guilty 'till that is the thing
I know I am not guilty 'till fat lady sing
I know I am not guilty 'till all the evidence that I disposed of comes back up the sink
Stay there

Amen, great prayer
Thank God, he ain't here
I told her I'mma be famous, take care
She said I hope you go far and stay there

When I leave I'll be taking everything with
I'll be leaving you with nothing I'm taking all of your shit
I'm taking all of your happiness, taking all of your kids
I'll raise them like they are rebel and tell 'em that you a bitch
Baby I'm not the one I actually be fucking with
Look at all the power that all the different people give
Just look at all of the evidence, look at all of the messages
I get so many motherfuckin' people on my dick

Y'all jealousy give me the wrong energy
I think it's all destiny, look at my mom caringly
I think my longevity gonna pay her rent
I'm lookin' like purebred, I feel like a dog pedigree
Travelin' 'round the world, I don't even drive heavily
Still when I pull up they look at me like it's Tron Legacy
This what I call legacy, this what I call patience
No wonder why like every second my mind's racing

Mind racing, y'all axious
Everyday I wait for salvation
Ain't no allegation this annihilation
I got 'em under toes and that's some ballet shit
That's some ballet shit
I bet y'all hating
Look at y'all ladies, all the hoes on me
Took a toll on me like I passed AIDS
But I did not drive and that's a violation
That's some valet shit, park the car, I don't want to
I do not like the lines, I'm in between, I'm already in a box too
I'm already in a costume, I already know the cost, too
Fuck you and fuck the cause fuck, I do what the fuck I want