Goodbye!! Testo

Testo Goodbye!!

Stupid, stupid, stupid
All right, one more
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy, uh

My manager want me to be role model to these children today
I wrote this shirtless in a hotel room with a bitch on the way
Give me a break, when I get on a stage I'm a distance away
So stick to the gates and watch the show
If you wanna go home then this what I say
Bye bitch, you’re lookin' at the finest
Mosh pit when I be rhymin', man, I love some legal violence
Makin’ me feel like I'm this giant everybody wanna get time with
Like it's some kind of prize that I'm obliging, everybody gotta idolize this
Michael Myers, going so fast
Homies get mad that I'm over the past
Actin' like a bitch, actin' like you got ovaries, don't overreact
Don’t get mad
Catch your breath or I’m at your neck like shoulder pads
And this even ain't good enough to be on the project, these are just some bonus tracks
I’m pretty much over that
Rappity raps should feel like more than that
Listening to my old shit like, "Why the fuck I recorded that?" (Fuck)
I agreed when they called it corny rap
That's what I had to do
But for gratitude I'll give you one more track
Little boy, that boy true, I do what the fuck I wanna do
You, never gonna put me in the crew
I'm way too big for the crew, true
Pullin’ out with a bitch at night
I'll feed all tight, and the whip all-white
But I can pull up with a kid and a wife
And bib all tight, and make it look cool, cool
Bitch, what you gonna do?
Talkin' about me like you got some news
I could put a bullet in your bulletin
Your bullet tin, my pull-up red, I'm bulletproof
I'm pulling you, I'll pull your crew
I'll pull your mom, I'll pull your dad, I'll pull your pooch
And put you in the hospital
And tell the doc, "I don't think they're pullin' through," what the fuck?
They thinkin' I'm gonna roll with the troops
And I'm gonna diss every rapper who's mumbling
Nah homie, that ain't the move
You know when your shit getting old?
When you dissing everything that is new
If you don't fuck with it
Shut the fuck up and don't fuck with it
They're more mature than you
Anybody wanna battle me, gotta get more recruits
Stiff as a mannequin, somebody must have given him rigor mortis too
You don't really wanna come and get it
I'ma leave a motherfucker looking ridiculous
I'ma kill it, but I be looking so innocent
I bet they're never gonna look at a recording booth
Dear fans, just believe me
I gotta find something new, because this shit too easy
I'm not that teen anymore, but who's ridin' still?
Between Somewhere, maybe we find out when I sign this deal