Girls Testo

Testo Girls

[VERSE 1: Master Rob]
Girls, I love them all, short or tall, wall to wall
Except for ones that think that they're all that
No frills, high heels, fake gold caps
I'm not a chauvinist, but I told you this
Master Rob is a guy who was mold for this
Sis, and let me give you a kiss
And after this kiss your man'll be his-
Tory, baby, after you get with me
And you will see sheer ecstacy
And you can ask Diamond D
Why do they wanna get next to me?
Because I show them respect, kiss them on their necks
Pay for dinner with cash and no checks
Now back to the topic of girls
Black woman radiant as pearls
Hold your head high, be fruitful and true
And remember Master Rob loves you

[Moments & Whatnauts:] (I love the things they know
Love the things they show
Got to be where they go)

It's about time somebody say somethin positive about the black woman
And the Master's the one
I hear that

[VERSE 2: Master Rob]
Hey dark-skinned girls, keep your head up
Because I know deep down you're fed up
With guys who only want to talk to ones that are light-skinned
Green eyes, skin tight'n
Homeboys, you can ask my man Clark Kent
Light skin is no better than dark skin
Black is black, no matter the complexion
I know the half and the path of direction
So next time a guy tries to get cute
Say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
And that's food for thought, sport
And if you don't think so, then maybe you ought
To sit back and learn about your culture
Because the black woman is a sculpture
Of beauty, so take it from the Force
Of course


If it wasn't for the black woman it wouldn't be the black man
But some brothers fail to realize that
And some girls fail to realize that too
Most definitely, brother
And this one is for you

[VERSE 3: Master Rob]
Now not all girls are conceited
But the ones that are should be deleted
From the face of the earth at birth
Hoppin from car to car like a smurf
(You gotta have a car and a couple of ropes)
Girl, you talkin to me? You must be on dope
Or coke, or maybe smokin wet ones
Cause Master Rob will never let one
Girl try to juice me like Tropicana
I'll take her home, knock her boots and her friends
And all her friends I bend
And not one red cent will I spend
Cause I hate to be used and abused
So I listen to blues, put my car in cruise
Material girl in a material world
Don't try to play yourself, you only slay yourself
So when a guy says, "Yo baby, how you're livin? "
(I'm not livin like Robin Givens)


Youknowmsayin Sha?
It's 'bout time we just learn about the black woman, you know?
Because they're like the most important thing in our lives, youknowmsayin?
(That's peace, my brother, you know you gotta have that [? ] that understanding)
Word up, and we outta here
This is for the black woman
(Peace, see ya)
We love you