Supreme Diamond D Testo

Testo Supreme Diamond D

We gon' do it up right now
This is dedicated to my DJ Diamond D

[VERSE 1: Master Rob]
A man that could take a new beat and make a brand new fashion
Give a record a trashin while he's scratchin
And when he's done he won't leave a rash'n
The man who's got the gift
A finesse so fresh and hands so swift
No, he's not a myth, this man does exist
And if there's any doubt [? ]
On the serious tip
You wanted somethin new and this brother's it
Records he wrecks 'em, slicin and slayin
And the force of his cuts to keep the whole place swayin
Correct me if I'm wrong
But doesn't his label state that this brother is Strong?
He's got the cuts as smooth as cream
His name is Diamond D and he's Supreme


[VERSE 2: Master Rob]
There's no substitute for this man
Not a orchestra or band, this ain't to say that he's the Grand
Supreme, yeah, makes you wonder
Here's the scratch (*scratch*) feel the thunder (*scratch*)
You want a rhyme, then the Master'll drop one
Then Diamond D'll bust a cut like a shotgun
Cause he's drastic and sarcastic
Hmm... I think he's (dope on plastic)
Oh pardon me, vinyl's the word
What you're stupid, haven't you heard?
Cause he's riper, about to get hyper
Knockin off DJ's like a sniper
Puttin heads to bed and brothers to rest
Cause he's one of the best and nothin less
Talkin about the man that makes you scream
He's my DJ and he's (Supreme)

Now Diamond, hold the cue
What you see is what you get
Diamond D, hit 'em with the alphabet

(Ain't no half-steppin)
(Brothers and sisters)
(Come on baby) (Come on) (Come on baby)
(Everyone) (Everyone) (Everyone's got to make a livin)
[? ]
(Groo-) (Groo-) (Groove me baby)
(Hot) (Hot)
[? ]
[? ]
(L-) (L-) (Let's dance)
(Mi-) (Mi-) (Mi-) (Mickey Mouse)
(No stoppin) (No stoppin)
(On) (On) (On) (On) (On the run)
(P-) (P-) (P-) (Put on my best)
(Rhythm) (Rhythm) (Rhyth-) (Rhyth-) (Rhythm, the rebel)
(Stop what you're doin cause I'm about to ruin)
(Ti-) (Ti-) (Tight shoes is a motherfucker, brother)
(U-) (U-) (U-) (Ultimate) (Ultimate)
(Very nice) (Very nice)
[? ]
[? ]
(You can) (You can call me crazy)
(Zulu Nation) (Zulu Nation)
(Very good)

[VERSE 3: Master Rob]
A real entertainer, you can't say it plainer
Cause Diamond D will remain at
The top of the list, you can't resist
You try to diss, you get hit with a fist (like this)
And those who wish to try, swing
But remember just one thing
(Think) before you step up
Cause Diamond D's cuts'll creep up
And gotcha, then I watch ya squirm
Cause you're too dumb to learn
He's got the cuts as smooth as cream
His name is Diamond D and he's Supreme