6th Sense Testo

Testo 6th Sense

Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, Hearing
These are the senses that connect us to the world
But are there more than 5 senses?

(Verse 1)
Dreaming of things that two eyes can never see
Consciousness future levels that he never did
Imagine fathomable, but the story only brings
An unimaginable trinity to a king
Who traded the adversities of sin
So he could transcend to a gloriful place
He loved the beneficial fruit, so plentiful in taste
And rich superficial delusions of a human race (Race)
Visions of that world is what keeps the strong alive
But I'm immortal, so my soul's never afraid to die
A young pharaoh walking amongst these human lives
Consciousness is higher, reaching and grabbing my desires
The elevated saint creating with his third eye
Woke up out of a dream covered in gold like a wristwatch
Now watch as I’m at the Fligo steal the top spot
I pop like a killer waiting on your doorstop
No straps, cause my hard equipment is for combat
No rats, finest in my clip, we reinforce that
Boss stats, we on our way back we 'bout to change rap
Face punt any nigga in our way so keep back
They'll soon debate a greatest spittin' shit that niggas cravin
Sixth sense, meditate it all a nigga need to make a show go
Three smoke, for the sour diesel
Reefer, like a fairy out a fuckin' fable
Or a ghost, all a nigga missin' is his halo
Same flow, don't you niggas think it's time to switch it up
Pesos, keep you niggas grindin' like some lame goats
You lame goats (No hope)

Sixth sense, nigga, why you talkin' you hopeless
And if you only use five you soulless
Me and my niggas on a scene from out your dreams
Showin' niggas life that he would never would've seen

Woke up in a cemetary full of martians
Body carved and cut up like I was spartan
Apart from the rays that band music played
Hey, rain on the farm for four days
Caged in like a human-headed lion on the sands of Egypt
I pledge allegiance
To 40 ounces, ballrooms, and short blouses
Stare in that mirror, now watch me get aroused quick
Low as the mountain, high as the ground is
My mind is on some upside-down shit
Irises showin' me how powerful the mind is
Your highness is sharin' pictures with a talkin' lioness
Beside it’s please, is a fine freeze
In a planet like ours where the liars lead us
You came here tonight crying to be dusk
Fuss, grab a knife, fuck life
The slut's pray go deeper than nuns say
Front row to the streets, gun play
Who is to say one is and one's not
The rock lives, the Glock gives just one shot, pop!
Now you're alive free from all the lies
Who knew our dreams would be the afterlife
Grab the rifle, shootin' at stars is so delightful
Rippin' out hearts, no one likes it like I do
I do whatever it takes to get the title
Of one, we'll jack it in the sun, son
You know the devil only when you become one
Kush cloud, now all I need is rum fun
Hot stoves, grenades, and sun shades
My life is abstract, Picassos and potholes
Not knowin' they soul showed through glows
I overlap these cons, replacin' them with pros, yo