Philanthropist Testo

Testo Philanthropist

First things first let me lay it down,
Young indigo nigga here to take the crown
So you can wait around if you like to, spiteful
Heart full of hate no 8th to get, high to
Thou can't relate to I the most high fool
Cause I rule, what I do, world domination each step,
It could be vital, UA on the rise, advise don't be our rivals
(oh lord) nigga, light a fat spliff let ya soul lift, bitch
I'm a pro, tell a lick every single drip, since a kid
Been obtaining goals just by thinking it, think a bit
Now I want the globe on some hitler shit
Bringing it back that real rap, fuck being rich
Cause knowledge is power that real wealth beneath your skin
No book on the shelf, I taught myself just how to live
Them GOLD SOUL rebels, free them devils from your prisons kin

Elevated nigga so I puff on the rise now
Put it down strike sip strong like a python
Guided by the light but its something like Teflon
High on reef floating through life lessons,
Floating through life lessons! skinny nigga but you know I stay flexin
Still a nigga can't get that message, praise to the gods better count your blessings
Two young souls motivated from the pain, trying to save the world muthafuck yo fame
Flow hit hard like a sniff of cocaine, dropped a little acid brain clean no stains
Rhythm from my pores flow out, no effort. love inside my heart shorty feel that essence
UA E and nigga I rep it, knowledge over everything get that message

Oh lord, better get that message take a trip, on some psychedelic shit my bredren
To the mystic realms the solar gods in your presence
Breaking down barriers, let the north carry us
Roll up the dank, elevate now they can't reach us
Fool what you think lyrics holy like exodus
Please next to us, never settle for peasants bruh
UA we up watch em go like tarantulas
Third eye strapped, puffin herb high
Illest with a killa nigga with the lyric, sure
I do what I got a pound of sour on the hour
Super saiyan metaphor for that inner power
Just saying you niggas can't tell me shit
Every mothafuckin day I get stronger kid
Don't get your armour split, that bitch calm a calm
If you a master huh your shit better guard your chips

I'm the new Christ savior, Neo from the matrix
Young god nigga can't fuck with no lame shit
High of phsych yeah a nigga stay T.A.D.E.D.
Seen it in a dream now a nigga gon' chase it
Beastcoast nigga thats what I rep, Third Eye gang nigga till the fuckin death
Wish a nigga off the earth disrespect the set, where my indigo's at better represent!

UA nigga, here to save souls
Three eyes nigga and we glow indigo(I said)
UA nigga, here to save souls
Three eyes nigga and we glow indigo (I said)
UA nigga, here to save souls
Three eyes nigga and we glow indigo (I said)
Said the shit four times so a nigga ready know bitch!

Back on the map NEW new york oh shit, bring the potion
When a nigga drop dope hits, bowing to these niggas thats a muthafuckin death wish
Third eye sharp nigga blame it on the muhfuckin piff
Uh, pray my soul ain't sinning, indigo's on the rise we winning
Three eyes so I think a little different, UA what the game been missing