The Way It Is Testo

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Testo The Way It Is

We don't got the dough
No manager or contacts
No picture promo packs
No pissholes from the mats

Punk rock roots audience
is non existent
round here the circus acts
are all suburban crap
We ain't no college band
we come from the laundromats
Closed minded yes I am
We'll stay limited

That is the way it is
Not the way it ends
That is the way it is
Not the way it ends

Who are the skank kids
Sposored jock threads
didn't make the football team
They got free instruments

Old school is no school
keep your ball caps
bad religion, black flag
American shit
competition, the local bands
touch down contracts
subliminal control
labeled epitaph!

lookin' like puppets
you couldn't pose a threat
don't you know less is more
back in the laundromats

No! No! No!