55 Testo

Testo 55

Featuring Gunplay

[Hook: Vado]
Yo, lets pull out the 750 get the semi live
my bitch is twenty got her bussin em for 55
but her age say she 55
plus we outta town hope these crackers let it slide
lets pull out the Californias get the corners live
my bitch is twenty got her bussen em for 55
her I.D. say she 55
but she got pretty eyes hope she on a nigga line

[Verse 1: Vado]
ugh, You pop shit but never there
fuck your pela gear
hollow tips make your lever tear
like box breaks dont get twisted my beretta here
under my R.L. sweater wear with the teddy bear
if there's nine of us then nine hammers then
its tall handlin with the rock like Kyle Anderson
gave her one hit and wonder shine Anderson
connect keep hittin my number I'm not answerin
like Hello? they just role yellow
ran outta Knicks line they told me no Melo
hand never take on master go fellow
wont settle I'm killin em dog
old yellow

[Verse 2: Vado]
you got beginner shine rich and me lay thats milla time
gave the bear three faces and every bit of mine
said you flowerd I cant see it a nigga blind
I tell my slime make em get it line get a line
Jersey mansion watching Scarface like this shit is mine
Versace robe with slippers with three bitches high
need a passport where Im getting fly
GY my nigga dont ask for but he gettin by
wanna rock? then cop a quarter
on a block thats not for you
fill the pot with hot water
Im focused word to my God daughter
on the journey to get that
my Melo jersey and Knick hat
you fellas urk me with that chit chat
since my mother birth me Ive been that


[Verse 3: Gunplay]
I do my thug dizzle
on you cunt pussies
bitch you know what this is
straight raw in viscious
seabass and foreign fishes
gold dreams and hard wishes
fight like I got four fists
going through these warm ishes
throwin .. know Im baggin blowin dishes
kitchen like a cook out look out watching all for offenses
Benzes and Lorenze's til they ex name my existence
my lawyers a beast
I watch him feast on my offenses
me and my comrades bout that vida
clap clickin quicker than out that reefer
hop out that Jeefer
like what the fuck you lookin at me for? why?
cause Im lookin like see-four
these nigga be ...
turning the amp on
for the same bitch I put a camera and lamp on
smokin woods and my camp on
looking good brick a yan and a hand gun