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Testo Right Now

[Verse 1: Vado]
I'm on the dark street with different men
I'm ignorant, shoot the car seat that your infant in
Appleby's, we rap beef when it's sizzlin'
I'm listenin', hear your heart beat and you shiverin'
Wanna catch wreck, then pull it
Prefer to kill y'all with more success than bullets
Goin' for your tek, you shouldn't
You tried to sleep on me, so I slept with his woman
Then you wonder why they hate this
Told Lisa, put my name on the “I ate” list
Red carpet, A-List
B's and C's movin' D on that L.A. strip
That Lennox Ave, all day shit
Closed mouths don't get the Feds so we don't say shit
We tryin' not to break shit
Load 'em up, his gas money, have a safe trip

[Hook: Vado]
I'm in a daze right now
Sippin' Don Julio with the gaze right now
I'm in the Range right now
I don't know half these niggas on the stage right now
Hustle to the grave right now
Serve part of what gutter in the cage right now
Feel like I'm in a maze right now
Only hit autobahn for the haze right now

[Verse 2: Vado]
As I sit in Lorrain ventin', the pop goes
Cigar smoke, grippin' that thing, itchin' to pop toast
Been interogated and I spoke
I'm from where it ain't a Rolls Royce when niggas got Ghosts
Niggas comin' home to nothin'
Mad at life cause a nigga grown with nothin'
Not to brag type but this old Rollie is frontin'
Swagged on the dice like every roll is nothin'
My 3-year-old is somethin'
Always grumpy like you gettin' old or somethin'
Let me hold somethin', you hear that more than what's up
They think you more than up cause they see the foreign, it's tough
Poker face, callin' your bluff
Russell Simmons the block, cause every morning's a Rush
Y'all niggas boring to us
Don't even know who you are, y'all ain't important to us

[Hook: Vado]

[Verse 3: Vado]
I'm in a daze right now, blaze right now
Judge throwin' the book and every page right now
Can't even look, feel the pain right now
Gotta me shakin' like Pook, off the 'caine right now
Same right now, I need the game right now
'Nough fiends to take over the game right now
Niggas was hot, but they ain't right now
Speakin' of hot, I'm on my way to the bank right now

[Hook: Vado]