Away Testo

Testo Away

I used to break myself apart
Tear myself down, back to the start
Cut every problem away
Burn every mistake I made

How did you take that away
How did you alleviate the pain
And now my arms are open wide
But you won't fall in them tonight
It was only one time, you said
Those summer nights, I won't forget
But will I only be a thought
A memory, outside your heart

You pushed me out of your life
But you will come to realize
You gave a part of yourself to me
And I will love that endlessly

Words have come and gone, forgotten
I'm not here to stop you
Don't let me hold you back tonight
For after all, I'm right by your side

Will your smile ever fade
You're in my thoughts every single day
I'm not the answer to your life
I've built you up, repaired, and tried
To make you see, the girl you really are
Just one more time, you changed my life forever
Thanks to you, you've shown me the way
Now I'll show you, I'm always here to stay
With you