Closure Testo

Testo Closure

Take this to heart
Start from the end
Lend me your ears
In fear and faith

Stay in the shadows
Gallows await you
True you have changed
Dangerous shame unveiling
Run from the call
Fall to your knees
Freezing and helpless
Selfishly pray for mercy

Escape this fate
Hate and jealousy
Freely cloud your way
Lay down to sleep

Through this exposure
Closure waiting
Hesitating debating

Confined by fragility
Reality seeps in
Winning your soul
Cold hands won't warm
Pulled back under
Thunderous memories
Entities exonerated
Negated faults surface

Domesticated feelings
Kneeling before him
Dimming lights rise
Goodbye is your last word

Beneath the sky
Trying to hide
Inside guilt