Nauseous / Devilish Testo

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Testo Nauseous / Devilish

Yeah, yee
JPEG motherfuckin' MAFIA
(Look bitch, I'm nauseous, yeah)
You know it's motherfuckin', JPEGMAFIA, know what I mean
(Look bitch, I'm nauseous, conscious)
3-3-4, 4-4-3, 7-1-8
It's nasty

Look bitch, I'm nauseous, I'm movin' cautious
I'm smokin' dope to clear my conscience, a fuckin' martian
Peggy, how you spit so awkward, the beat be barkin'
I'm peepin' Breakfast Club, like, "Damn, I wish I was a part"
At your crib, I'm at your job, I'm like a fuckin' stalker (Yeah)
Forty buck turn Steven Universe to Steven Hawking (Nasty)
I'm 'bout them commas, fuck your comments
I tote a llama (Brrat), in I-R-L you got no armor, I got no father (Nah)
Catch me at the harbor, these crackers harmless
You ain't a shooter, bitch, that's fuckin'-
Talkin' shit on Twitter, bitch, what you accomplish?

Like, why does that even make any sense?
Do you know what I mean?
Like, shit like that, there should be some sort of a rule
Unless there's like, like, yeah, like, like, inability to consent, like, contest that decision
Anybody should-
I mean, she's not right, so
Do you know what I mean?
It's not right
I'm good, I'm good, it's just like, yeah